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How Long Does a Physician Have to Go to School?. … Physician Assistant school is almost as… How to Apply to Medical…

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Physician's Assistant & Do They Have to Go to Med School? To become a physician, students are required to complete four years of undergraduate college, four years of medical school and three to…

Weigh Becoming a Physician Assistant Instead of a Medical Doctor
Physician assistants can typically go straight from graduate school to work. Completing a residency is usually not required for many jobs. (iStockphoto). College students with an interest in medicine and who excel in biochemistry often see one path open to them: medical school.

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<< Compare medical careers – home. The Scoop on Physician Assistants. A Physician Assistant is more than a pretty face in a lab coat that gets the Doctor coffee and doughnuts. What Kind of Training do I need (A.K.A. – Will I have to go to School?)

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I'm a physician assistant, having graduated from PA school over thirty-six years ago. If I went to Duke University Medical School, or Yale Medical School, or Stanford Medical School, or Emory Medical School to become a PA, did I not go to a medical school to learn my profession?

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Physician Assistant to medical school. Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by Knick, 05.23.12. You still have to do 4 years of med school and then residency. PA isn't a "junior doctor" – it's an entirely separate career path, as is nursing.

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Physician assistants practice medicine and work under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. You do not need to go to medical school in order to become a physician assistant, which makes it a great option for students who are interested in earning a master's degree.

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About Your Physician Assistant Program Goal. Why did you want to be a PA? Why did you choose to be a PA over a doctor or nurse? Are you planning to go to medical school? When did you decide that being a PA was a good career choice for you?

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PAs go through 75% of the rigorous medical training, oftentimes alongside med students…in a medical school, only to graduate earlier and start working ASAP-without the $200,000 in debt. Physician Assistants are qualified to prescribe, diagnose, and treat patients.

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What Education Do I Need for a Career as a Physician Assistant ?

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I normally only help with people who have no idea what to do about medical school or how to get there….but your story is very similar to my family. First things… I believe you are aware of the commitment that is required for either program.

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"Why don't you just go to medical school? Posts to Read. How Much Does it Cost to go to Physician Assistant (PA) School?

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If I have already completed medical school training here or in another country, do I have to go through your program in order to receive a Physician Assistant license?

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Do you have to start all over from the beginning of medical school? I am very excited to enter a new phase in my life, going off to study in college and eventually going to PA school, but I am unsure of the "burn out" effects being a physician's assistant can bring.

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I want to go back to work and I thought a physician assistant will be practical for me, what do I need to do? Answer this question Flag as… Get a Dog License in Pennsylvania. How to. Get Into Medical School.

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My question is does anybody think getting a BSN for undergrad then applying to medical school is a good idea? You might also research some of the other health related fields, like pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, etc. Good luck.

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If you can only derive professional fulfillment in life by taking care of sick people, however, you should remember that you can do so by being a nurse or a physicians assistant. I suspect that a lot of people going to medical school are really doing it for the status).

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What you'll do: As a physician assistant, you'll perform the same functions as a doctor, handling all but the most complex cases. Your typical duties will include taking medical histories, examining and treating patients, ordering and analyzing lab tests and x-rays, prescribing medication and treating…

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Both Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant are viable alternatives to medical school and both are important occupations when it comes to delivering I realized I wanted to do work as tangible and directly involved with patients as she was doing. So I decided to go back to school to become a…

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In essence, my physician assistants extend and reinforce what I am able to do in medicine. They function as my eyes, ears and hands in places that I physically cannot Myth No. 1 -Most people who become physician assistants couldn't get into medical school so they are physician "wannabes".

The Path to become a Physician Assistant
So after high school, do I have to attend nursing school to become a physician assistant? Medical School is the usual term reserved for the education of Doctors. No you don't go to med school, you go to PA school.

Nurse Practitioner Vs. Physician Assistant
Physician assistants are trained under the medical model and thus have similar abilities to provide therapy and medication to patients. NP's do perpetuate this "we're as good as the doctor" mentality and maybe the attitude is that they think they ARE doctors without having to go to medical school.

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When looking at the job title do not confuse a physician assistant with a medical assistant because a physician assistant handles more responsibilities and have to In addition working as a physician assistant you have basically the same duties as a physician without going to school for many years.

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Physician assistants take medical histories and update charts. Although the school does not always require them, most applicants to PA programs already hold a bachelor's or master's healthcare degree.

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What Does a Physician Assistant Do? Education and Training: Bachelor's or advanced degree, completion of medical school program. What Do Similar Careers Pay?

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What education, schooling, or skills are needed to become a Physician's Assistant? Do you know what that is?" I have not had to say those words in a very long time. The PA profession has grown tremendously in its scope and in the respect it recieves from the greater medical community.

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I would have to live away from family, and this is not acceptable for me, and I have to worry about paying for medical school. After leaving the clinic that day, I had an urge to research about becoming a physician assistant and realized that this is what I want to do in my life.

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That's interesting, if I had to do it over, I think I would have gone to medical school. How does a physician assistant get hired as a locum tenens? With changing healthcare, is it better to be a physician assistant or medical doctor?

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I am a physician assistant (PA) in Atlanta, Georgia. A PA is a medical professional who is licensed both federally and locally to practice medicine. My scope of practice includes examining patients, ordering and interpreting tests, preforming procedures…

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What does a physician assistant do? Physician assistants work closely with a medical doctor and are responsible for a wide number of medical duties. Yes, but you would need to have all pre-req's and good MCAT scores to get into medical school.