is it possible to get the red cross to stop calling

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How do I get the Red Cross to stop calling me? Tell them that you have/are something off this list. "I'm a tuberculosis-suffering, drug using homosexual who The reason is that it is not possible to do the tests for minor transfusion reactions by mixing whole blood if the units are not ABO-type compatible.

800-733-2767 / 8007332767
I mean, I get a call EVERY THIRD DAY. I'm not even eligible to donate when they call, I've told them to stop calling, AND they KEEP CALLING. So I agree, Red Cross could be loosing possible donors by these constant calls.

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But I'm getting calls, and have been for months, from the American Red Cross asking for my blood. Trying "fundraising" only gives you the option of giving them money, not getting them to stop calling.

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Would they stop calling then? Derp January 8th, 2013 at 11:40 pm. I donated to the Red Cross 1 year ago, but it was just to get a free sea world ticket which I The Red Cross WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. My friend went through the same thing and I have two possible solutions to offer: 1) Donate…

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You can also call the local Red Cross chapter in your town to find out when and where they will be held. Is it even possible? Yes, thanks to the efforts of the Red Cross, it is. Nothing can stop these girls from getting laid – babysitters club porn.

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The Latest: Red Cross Wants Donations for Wildfire Victims.

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Red Cross helps out with Rock Creek fires.

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The Latest: Red Cross brings aid to inaccessible Syria area.

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