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knee compartments codingCodapedia: CODING ARTHROSCOPIC KNEE PROCEDURES
However, if debridement or shaving of articular cartilage is performed in one compartment of the knee and a meniscectomy is performed in a different compartment of the knee, then codes 29877…

Coding Knee Arthroscopies Can Be Tricky
Coding knee arthroscopies can be a challenge to coders especially when performing multiple procedures or when procedures are performed on multiple compartments of the same knee.

AAOS Bulletin – April, 2005 | Accurately code knee procedures
Accurately code knee procedures. Address bundling issues to avoid questions of medical necessity. The AAOS has endorsed this division for coding purposes. The medial compartment contains the…

PDF Knee Systems Coding Reference Guide
Physician CPT® Code 27445 27446. 27447. CPT Description Arthroplasty, knee, hinge prosthesis (eg, walldius type). Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial or lateral compartment Arthroplasty…

Medical Coding Career: CPT Coding Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Compartments: From CPT coding prospective there are three knee compartments patellofemoral, medial, and lateral.

Code a Single Knee Arthroscopy per Compartment – AAPC Blog
The knee contains three compartments: lateral, medial, and patella-femoral. Be sure to read code descriptors carefully; in some cases, even procedures in different compartments may be bundled.

Knee Compartments
KNEE COMPARTMENTS. Begin in jan mclaurin. Compartments branch-and-mincut on mr images from anterior knee. Thought of when coding knee moderate.

Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis – What are the Three "Compartments…"
Doctors often talk about compartments of the knee. What are compartments and how do they relate to arthritis of the knee.

Tip of the Week: Coding of Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA)
Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA) is a surgical procedure in which the damaged parts in one of the knee compartments are replaced. When coding UKA, use CPT code 27446, Arthroplasty…

"Arthroscopic synovectomy of the knee may be reported with CPT codes 29875 (limited synovectomy, "separate procedure") or 29876 (major synovectomy of two or three compartments).

About the Knee Joint | Lateral compartment (outer half of your knee)
Compartments of the Knee (image courtesy of: ConforMIS). The knee joint is at the juncture of the femur (your thighbone) and the tibia (the lower leg or shin bone).

Midwest Hip and Knee Surgery :: Knee
Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement. When a total knee replacement is done, all 3 compartments of the knee are resurfaced or replaced.

Knee pain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Knee pain is a common complaint for many people. There are several factors that can cause knee pain. Awareness and knowledge of the causes of knee pain lead to a more accurate diagnosis. Management of knee pain is in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for that diagnosis.

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SC Drawer Layout, 24 Compartments 2" H.

Knee prostheses – All medical device manufacturers – Videos
three-compartment knee prosthesis. Columbus® Total Knee System. … homogeneous system for knee replacement, ranging from uni-compartmental to totally constrained (hinge).

What is medial compartment osteoarthritis? | HowStuffWorks
Medial compartment osteoarthritis involves the knee joint, whereby the cushioning layer between your knee bones deteriorates over time.

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Compartment Firefighting.

PDF Knee arthroplasty surgical procedures | CPT Codes CPT Description
A uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty is defined by the AMA's CPT as procedure code 27446 (arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial OR lateral compartments).

When to use CPT code 29881, 29880 and G0289 together – Medical…
Do not code G0289 when the when the procedure is performed for removal of loose body or foreign body or chondroplasty is done on same compartment of knee.

SIGMA-High-Perform-Partial-Knee |
The SIGMA® High Performance Partial Kneeis indicated for single or multi-compartmental knee This allows the surgeon to replace only the affected compartment, leaving healthy bone, cartilage…

Lateral compartment osteoarthritis of the knee | The Bone & Joint…
Surgical management of lateral compartment osteoarthritis can include osteotomy, unicompartmental knee replacement and total knee replacement.

PDF Uni Compartmental Knee System Coding Reference Guide
Physician CPT® Code CPT Description 27446 Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial or lateral compartment Hospital Outpatient and Free-Standing Ambulatory …

Patellofemoral Arthritis of the Knee: An Overview – – HSS
Knee arthritis frequently affects two or more compartments of the knee. However, in rare cases, arthritis may be isolated to the patellofemoral compartment.

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Closed Compartment Technology.

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Effects of footwear on medial compartment knee osteoarthritis
The results of this study indicated that lateral-wedge insoles inserted into shock-absorbing walking shoes are an effective treatment for medial compartment knee OA.

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Shin Splints or Compartment Syndrome?

Knee Treatment | Front Range Orthopedics
Partial knee surgery, also called knee resurfacing, treats only those parts of the knee, called compartments, affected by the disease.